The hellebore


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Oil on canvas floral painting “The hellebore” by Marina Strijakova is a part of Colors of My Garden collection.

102cm(H) x 76cm(W) x 3.8cm(D)
40″m(H) x 30″(W) x 1.5″(D)

105cm(H) x 79cm(W) x 5cm(D)
41″(H) x 31″(W) x 2″(D)

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Artist original art “The hellebore” by an Australian artist Marina Strijakova.

Gardeners treasure hellebores: unlike the majority of other flowers, hellebores’ flowering period is winter and early spring. To add another trait, their sepals (not petals) do not fall but stay on the plant, often for months! The pink edge on the sepals of this hellebore is so intricate, so attractive, I just had to paint it! Would you like to have a perfect flower, never withering or fading, in the comfort of your own home? You have an ideal opportunity! This large, 100cm x 75cm (40″ x 30″) painting will look perfect in any room of your house and will keep the beautiful bloom lasting forever!

This original oil on canvas painting is a part of Colours of My Garden collection. This artwork looks particularly impressive when displayed together with other artworks from this collection: the paintings are of the same size, and together create a pleasing to-eye composition.

“The hellebore” is a large, 102x76cm, oil painting on canvas stretched on a quality 38mm deep frame, sealed with varnish to enhance the lifetime, framed in a box frame to protect the valuable artwork and comes signed, with a wire on the back ready for hanging.

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