All art I create has its own character, but wait, there is more! You can own a piece of art that not only has a character, but also is so very special and precious because it is created because you wanted to see it the way it is! Nothing beats the feeling of pride and accomplishment while sharing with your friends: “And this piece was specially made on my commission”.

I will gladly offer my services to commission a reproduction of another painting, painting from your photograph or orignal controlled acrylic flow art. You may think requesting a commission of an art work is an intimidating process but it is not. Lets talk it through.

First, complete the form below, which is a very simple way to get acquinted and start the process. If you have a photograph of the subject handy, please attach it, too. Then, I will get back to you to discuss the picture, timeframe and price of work.

If you are satisfied with the timeframe and price we will exchange signed commission contract that protects you as a client and me as an artist. A part payment will be required as a deposit and I will commence the commission. I will send you regular updates with photographs of the progress.

When I believe the painting is complete, we will meet to review it (or I can send you a high quality proof photograph). I will amend the artwork if required and finally, after the balance of the payment is made, I will deliver the artwork to your doorstep (or post it securely packed with a courier).

That’s it!

Commission Enquiry Form

    Submit your details below and I will contact you to arrange meeting to ask for your requirements and discuss cost of the commission

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