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Welcome to the Art Corner

My name is Marina Strijakova and I am a visual artist.

The beauty of nature is my primary inspiration, and I love to visit gardens of all kinds.

As I walk in a garden, I revel in the colours, textures, smells, and sounds and feel how the garden intensifies the beauty of our world. I suddenly stop in breathtaking awe. In a fleeting moment, I realize that I may never again see the beauty I observe at that moment unless I perpetuate it in my art.

The mission of my work in realism is to transpose the feeling of that fleeting moment and offer it to other people. I take the essential ingredients of the canvas, medium and paint and then add a recipe of my imagination to the natural subject. I turn the original living source into a piece of art with the emotional and aesthetic value that impresses the viewer and allows them to relive a transcendent moment again and again.

I have developed signature styles for media I use: oil on canvas, pastel artworks and a unique controlled acrylic colour flow.

Working in a team with my beloved husband, we produce graphic designs based on my paintings. We feature these designs on home decor, clothing, and accessories, enabling people to incorporate the artwork or its variations throughout their abode.

I believe that art and colour play a fundamentally important role in the spiritual well-being of people. In my opinion, integrating art into everyday life is the best way to help keep our soul levels up. In my art and art products, I live up to my beliefs.

My artworks are digitized into extremely high-resolution images and is perfect for manufacturers to license and use on their products. Licensing images of my artwork gives my original floral and nature paintings a second life!

Please browse my site, enjoy the artwork, and take something home with you to add a sparkle of colour!

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