Pet Portraits

Marina Strijakova’s Custom Fine-Art Pet Portraits are masterpieces on canvass capturing the distinct personality of beloved animal friends and companions. With precise strokes and masterful execution, she recreates one-of-a-kind paintings of pets that immortalize cherished memories that can be treasured for generations.

These bespoke pet portrait masterpieces make the best gifts for animal lovers. They are a thoughtful and heartfelt surprise appropriate for any occasion. Made only of high-quality materials and crafted with attention to detail, the artist’s pet portraits evolve to become not only a cherished image in your home but a valuable work of art.

Artist Marina Strijakova is a multi-awarded and recognized painter who has the touch and talent to evoke the pet owner’s sentiment to be celebrated. Interpretation can range from life-like renders to more artistically portrayed pieces.

Having a custom-made pet portrait commissioned is hassle-free with online booking and sending clear photos and videos of your pet. Your requests will be seamlessly inputted as the artist is an animal and nature lover herself. Because of her experience in painting, Marina does not limit commissions to specific types of pets. Each creation is lovingly designed and hand-painted with careful consideration of the unique traits of your pet.

Book your appointment now to have your bespoke fine-art pet portrait commissioned with artist Marina Strijakova. Ordering a fine-art pet painting is simple. Contact me directly, and we will customize the pet artwork you desire, with the artist personally collaborating with you. Please allow ample time for pet portraits if you want to give them as gifts.

Commission your Fine-Art Pet Portraits by Marina Strijakova now – the best keepsake of a beloved pet, an expression of love that lasts.

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